Who is Access Elevator?

About our Wheelchair Lifts, Home Elevators, Stair Lifts such as Savaria and Stannah Stairlifts, Vacuum Elevators, Platform Lifts and More in Erie, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Rochester & Buffalo

Access Elevator delivers highly functioning stair lifts and home elevators to customers throughout Erie, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo. With exceptional customer service and easy to use products, Access Elevator is amongst the top home lift suppliers in the industry.

Our Story

Like all things Access, our story is unique.  There is little that is traditional about Access Elevator and Lift, save for the fact that it was born out of a great idea – an idea that has remained the core focus of every decision, innovation and customer product that has followed.


Access Elevator and Lift is owned, collectively, by a group of the highest volume, seasoned residential elevator companies in the country.  Individually, we are small business owners who believe in the value of a handshake and a promise.  As Access Elevator and Lift, we are the largest co-operative group of elevator contractors in the country, and together we still hold the same values. For years, this select self-chosen peer group met spontaneously at industry tradeshows and functions, finding ourselves gathered in hotel lobbies into the early morning hours, talking about what would make our businesses better.  What would make our customers happier?  What would we do differently if we were the ones building the product, not just selling and installing it?   Like many great ideas, this one grew organically out of those discussions. Surprising us all, it became the obvious alternative to reluctantly accepting the poor quality and poor responsiveness in the market:  let’s build it.

Together, we recognized that we had the horsepower and experience to develop a truly revolutionary product line – one built upon the immediate feedback of the end user:  you, our customer.  We knew from listening to our customers that the car operating panel could be more user-friendly.  So, let’s change it!  The drive mechanism is too noisy, let’s find a quieter one.  There’s new technology that allows an elevator to be powered by solar, let’s build it! Why doesn’t anyone build a home elevator cab with furniture quality craftsmanship? We can and will!


On the other side of the underperforming industry coin were the talented and creative designers who were being confined by the bonds of large manufacturing companies, virtually disconnected from customer feedback and relegated to the task of producing a one- size-fits-all product line.   We recognized their incomparable skill set and ingenuity and began to wonder – what could these specialists create if given both direct customer input anddesign freedom?

The result has been a remarkably innovative product line that remains anchored in the needs of the customer, not the needs of the manufacturer.  The result has been a customer-focused commitment, driven by agile business leadership.  The result has been Access:

[sim-i-tree] The quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other around an axis.

Our axis is you, our customer.


Once our business partnership was formed, we met with our engineering and manufacturing partners to create our product line.  Utilizing all of the resources that we had accumulated over the past 35 years of business, including the over one hundred employees in our existing companies, we went to the drawing board.  We started with what was good in the marketplace and focused on how we could make it better. We also looked at what was not good in the marketplace and specifically designed improvements.  We took feedback from several thousand customers, architects, general contractors and homeowners, and incorporated their ideas into our design. Finally, we assembled a team of the most experienced and exacting field technicians, installers and sales personnel, gleaning from them the invaluable and singular input that comes from those who have daily, direct contact with the products.

One of the most unique aspects of Access Elevator and Lift is that we are constantly improving. We are committed to continual improvement of our products as well as our organization.

With this foundation, we created a groundbreaking line of products. A line of residential elevators, vertical wheelchair lifts and LU/LA Elevators, all of which are wholly distinctive and proprietary to Access Elevator and Lift. Individually and as a whole, their thoughtful design elements and engineering are unparalleled in the marketplace.

During this process, we partnered with some of the best specialty manufacturers in our industry. These are companies who share our enthusiasm for innovation and excellence, and who already built the highest quality product in their markets.

Last, we addressed distribution. With the group of industry leaders already assembled via our inventive business model, it was a seamless transition to filling out our map with only the best dealers in the country. As we continue to develop our product offerings, we also continue to establish the remaining markets with like-minded, leading-edge companies.